Charlotte Lucas vs. Charlotte Lu

No matter which adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” you prefer, whether it is the book, movies, or video blogs, Charlotte is always an important character. She is Elizabeth’s best friend, and they have an interesting dynamic since Elizabeth has a more romantic outlook on life while Charlotte tries to be realistic.

charlotte lucas.jpg

Charlotte Lucas

In the book and the 2005 adaptation, Charlotte Lucas is a quiet character who is Elizabeth Bennet’s more realistic and (supposedly) logical best friend. She is not seen very frequently in the movie, but her importance is made clear when she reveals to Lizzie that she has accepted Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal that Lizzie had just rejected herself. Charlotte explains to Elizabeth that she is too old and has become a “burden on [her] parents,” so she felt that she had no choice and was out of time to be romantic.

charlotte lu.jpg

Charlotte Lu

In the web series, “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” Charlotte Lu is still adapted as Elizabeth’s best friend, but she is seen more as Lizzie’s equal. She is still portrayed as a more realistic and level-headed friend to counteract Lizzie’s over enthusiasm. Charlotte is much more frequent in the web series than she is in the movie, since she plays a more prominent role and the idea of her being Lizzie’s best friend is more enforced. Like in the book, Charlotte accepts Mr. Collins’ proposal that Lizzie has rejected, but the viewers get to see more of their reasoning behind their decisions, and Charlotte is conniving enough that towards the end of the series, she has manipulated Collins into placing her in charge of a large portion of the company rather than just being partners. Charlotte Lu definitely has a more important and visible role in the web series, and the result is that the viewers like her character more since they get to see more of her point of view and she is seen as more relatable.


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