The Greatest Lizzie Of Them ALL

The blog is titled the The greatest lizzie of em all, because it a comparison of the adaptation of ELizabeth Bennet. As we know it, on more than just one adaptation of Elizabeth Bennet. Of the movies we have watched, and show, their are 2 adaptations to ELizabeth Bennet. Of her adaptations you have Lalita Bakshi from the American-Indian Bride and Prejudice, and Lizzie Bennet, from the youtube series Lizzie Bennet Diaries. As we  know it the both of them are looking for true love, but, the Lizzie Bennet adaptation of ELizabeth Bennet is a Lot stronger and pure for a number of reasons.


The Character of Lalita is the Elizabeth adaptation. But i feel like she is too much of an adaptation, simply because too me Lalita acted to much Like ELizabeth Instead of being different in some way, and the same in some way.


The is Lizzie Bennet adaptation is a better adaptation because she gives life to to Jane Austen’s originally character in ELizabeth Bennet. Lizzie is outgoing flamboyant, as well as serious, especially about her sister. Lizzie Character gives the Original ELizabeth more of a tender soul. She is seen as more emotional, the acting is a lot stronger, and she is not trying to be just Elizabeth bennet.She puts on her twist on the character.


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