The Start and Finish Of Pride and Prejudice

As we come to a close in this Semester i think we all need to look back at the Timeline of this love story. and see just where we started from in Pride and Prejudice, and where we are now so we can see just how much has changed with this book over the years.

January 28, 1813 -19th Century

book pp

This our initial start to pride and Prejudice, where the Plot and theme originated. Of all our sources to the story this is the most important simply because it is the start of it all, where all our movies and shows we have in class got their base idea ( P&P,B&P,LBD ) .

November 11th, 2005- 21st Century

Pride n p


The 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie Was the first actually the 1st form of Pride and Prejudice we seen after reading. In this particular movie, what we got was as close to the actual book as you could. From lifestyles, to characters, and culture. Like i said it was the closest thing to Jane Austen’s Actually book, that we have seen.

October 6, 2004-21 Century

bride n p

In this Version Of Pride and Prejudice we Jump WAY out of the Original ( Jane Austen P&P ). B&P is a British American-Indian film. Even though Pride and Prejudice is based off the original book through and through, this movie was actually made before it. The entire culture of this movie is the exact opposite of the original, but the Plot, theme, and Character Relationships remain the same. ( Different Names) It also more of a Musical.

First episode date: April 9, 2012, Final episode date: March 28, 2013 – 21st Century


This is the latest adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, we have been able to watch. Of all the Adaptation i think for us this one is the best, simply because it is the most relate-able of the 4. I can understand, and follow the story a lot easier. Although it is more so a show then a movie. What is so different about this adaptation to me, is its Rhizomatic Structure. The episodes are random and sporadic at times, which can make tough to follow if you haven’t seen as many adaptation as we have as a class before you watch.



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