Various Adaptations of William Darcy

Whether you love him or hate him, Darcy is an extremely important character to the story of “Pride and Prejudice.” Throughout this class, we’ve seen different adaptations of this central character, and how his personality has affected the behaviors of others.


“Pride and Prejudice” – 2005 Movie Adaptation

In the 2005 movie adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice,” Darcy is tall and handsome, but he is seen as the stand-offish, quiet, somewhat rude man from the book. He is the wealthy owner of a very large estate, Pemberley, and many mistake him for being rude due to his wealth. While he makes poor first impressions, he is valued and respected by those who are close to him. As the story progresses, his character is much better understood despite his lack of social graces.

bride and prejudice

“Bride and Prejudice” – 2004 Movie Adaptation

This 2004 movie adaptation of the story of “Pride and Prejudice,” a Bollywood spin is taken on the classic story, creating many similarities but also many differences between the new character adaptations and the originals. Darcy is a wealthy American man who owns many hotels with his family. William Darcy is now known as Will, and while he is originally seen as prideful, he is not as unapproachable and aloof. He is also placed in a new environment that is way outside of his comfort zone, so he is at a disadvantage for the majority of the movie rather than Elizabeth (or Lalita, in this version) being at a disadvantage.


“The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” – Web Series 2012-2013

In the YouTube video blog series, the viewer is not even introduced to Darcy until Episode 59, causing the only opinion of Darcy to be from what Lizzie says about him. He is a wealthy business owner of the corporation “Pemberley Digital.”  Upon the appearance of Darcy, it is clear that while he is socially awkward, his personality has been over exaggerated. He still makes horrible first impressions of being stuck up, pretentious, and awkward. Darcy in the web series is more sympathetic, partly due to the modern events that occur that viewers can relate with.


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